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Thursday, August 21, 2008

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How to Pick Colors

It amazes me how many people are afraid to use color. Some people still use white (off-white, beige, etc) on their walls and pick "safe" colors for accessories. Color is the fastest, easiest, and CHEAPEST way to change and give your room a face lift. If you pick a color and discover it's not for you, guess what......you can change it!!

Many people ask, "Where do I start?" "How do I know what color works best for me?" I learned a very interesting concept in one of my Pottery Barn classes, pick 5 colors that you love and use it to design your room. Don't know 5 colors? Sure you do. Look in your closet. Look at the clothes or shoes you wear. What color is that outfit that makes you look and feel good? Look at your favorite painting. There are many ways to find your 5 colors. I know you are thinking, what if you like hot pink? There are many shades of the same color. You can always mute a color or make it as bold as you dare to make it. The sky's the limit with selecting colors.

Now that you have picked your colors, what do you do with it? If color makes you nervous, take one of your bold colors and make a statement on one wall in your room. That wall will be your focal point. The other walls can be a natural color. Then take your remaining 4 colors and accessorize! You could use pillows, rugs, curtains, wall paintings, vases, trinkets etc. with your colors. Another way, is to keep all walls natural and use your 5 colors as accessories around the room.

Some other useful tips:

  • Select your wall color first, then add furniture and accessories.
  • Choose your colors based on the mood you are trying to create i.e. reds, oranges and yellows are warm and energetic; blues, greens, and purples are calming; netural colors are more soothing
  • If you are decorating a small room use light colors. Dark, rich colors makes a room look smaller. Save these colors for larger rooms.

As you can see picking colors is not as difficult as one might expect. If you still find yourself having trouble selecting colors....YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL ME!!

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